Melasma, Chloasma, Post Inflamatory Scarring, and Sun Spots

Minimum of 4 sessions are recommended for visible results

Treatment AreaPrice Range Per Session
Full Face* (Session includes an Oxygenating and Antipollution beauty flash facial)$250
Single Sun Spot (2 pulses)$20
Multiple sun spots** (5 sun spots)$90

*Packages available and consultation required. CONSULTATION IS A MUST BEFORE BOOKING FIRST SESSION!

**Some sun spots depending on how deep and dark they are and may require two pulses per spot.


What should I expect after the treatment?

Redness and a slight warming sensation are normal after treatment. The lesions will darken after treatment and may appear more obvious at first, but gradually the marks will ‘flake’ away .

Continued sun exposure may result in recurrence of the original mark and sunscreen should be used at all times to prevent this happening.  We suggest UV Science full spectrum protection Cream in combination with Radiance White Skin care products.

Are there any side effects?

The skin of some patients becomes quite red immediately after treatment. However, most patients experience no side effects and the redness usually disappears within hours to a few days.

How long does each treatment take?

The length of each treatment will depend on the type and size of lesion present, but a typical session will take 15 to 30 minutes for individual spots and 60 minutes for a full face treatment including beauty flash mask.