Skin Care


All of our facials are suitable for men & women.

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  • Essential Deep Cleansing Treatment * $75
  • This purifying treatment consists of cleansing, exfoliation, and an intense deeper cleansing of clogged pores. The skin is gently massaged, then your ideal therapist selected mask is applied. Beneficial for all skin types with pore congestion.
  • Acne/Blemished Skin-Dr Renaud Clear Up * $80
  • Professional purifying treatment especially developed for oily and comedonal (blackheads), asphyxiated acne-prone skin. For optimal results, it is recommended to do a cure of 5 consecutive weekly treatments, along with the use of the complementary Clear Up products designed for home care.
  • Oxy-Vital Facial * $120
  • A restoring facial for oxygenating and reducing facial redness that includes an Oxygen session and an Oxy-Vital Mask Treatment. Highly concentrated, this treatment combines healing aloe vera, calming azulene, and wrinkle-smoothing collagen fiber to activate oxygen utilization within the cells, soothe redness, and relieve sensitivity. Ideal for couperose, sensitive, and hypersensitive skin types. The Oxy-Vital mask is also recommended postoperatively following laser light-based therapies, microdermabrasion, acid peels, or any treatment that may have traumatized the skin. It is also recommended as a post-sun exposure treatment.
  • Pure Kronoxyl–9 Complete Youth * $120
  • A revolutionary cosmetic alternative to injections or other "invasive" procedures used in cosmetic plastic surgery. It smoothes out fine lines, superficial wrinkles, and deep wrinkles. The skin texture will feel smoother as it maintains the skin's firmness and tonicity.
  • Plantomer® Mask Treatment * $120
  • This highly effective, soothing treatment calms redness and alleviates irritated or sensitive skin. A healing propolis ampoule is applied to desensitize the skin’s surface and calm irritations. A cooling, soft lift-off mask is then applied to seal in the benefits of the nutrient-enriched ampoule.
  • Dr Renaud HydraScience AHD3 Multi-hydrating * $120
  • This facial treatment is truly a spectacular breakthrough in cutaneous hydration by re-energizing the natural hydrating mechanisms weakened by age, environmental stresses and climatic stresses. With one treatment, the skin is instantly plumped, hollow areas are filled out and features are smoothed. Ideal for all dehydrated skin.
  • Hydra-Cloud Mask Treatment * $120
  • Hydra-Cloud Mask Treatment combines hyaluronic acid and micronized cotton to deeply hydrate and tighten the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment helps to create plumper, firmer, more resilient and more supple skin through the use of a highly fragmented hyaluronic acid. The micronized cotton blend is filled with repairing agents and negative ions to work quickly in repairing, cooling and firming the skin. The cooling and calming abilities of this mask also make it great for rosacea-prone skin.
  • Dr Renaud Collagen Veil Ultra-moisturising, Radiance * $120
  • Recover your skin's youthful glow from the first treatment. Targeted to moisturize the superficially dehydrated and ageing skin. Ideal treatment for bride-to-be.
  • Luminous “C” & “Sea”® Mask Treatment * $120
  • A radical facial treatment for dull and dehydrated skin. This facial combines the high potency of vitamin “C” with a stimulating freeze-dried seaweed rendering skin firmer, brighter, more rejuvenated, and velvety-soft. An excellent treatment for smokers, sunbathers, and sun-damaged skin. Soft lift-off mask.
  • Dr Renaud ROSA C3 * $120
  • A professional treatment designed to treat skins with rosacea, couperose, erythrosis, and diffused redness. After just one treatment you will see a 92% decrease in redness, 84% reduction of the number of visible micro-vessels and 73% reduction of the cutaneous reactivity. This treatment is highly recommended in series and in combination with our Rosa C3 home care products to keep the progression of vaso reactivity under control.
  • Anti-Free Radicals Mask Treatment * $120
  • This facial treatment combats dry, dehydrated skin. Vitamin-enriched, it infuses the skin with vitamins A, E, and D, fighting free radicals that cause premature aging. This dramatic bi-thermal, hard lift-off treatment mask first warms to promote vitamin absorbency within the skin, then cools to seal in hydrating benefits, firm, and refine the skin.
  • Myoxy-Caviar® Mask Treatment * $120
  • This opulent de-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure caviar and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: Escutox® to smooth wrinkles, strengthen elasticity, and render the skin full of life. This luxurious, de-aging mask treatment increases skin oxygenation, moisture, and suppleness while reducing signs of aging. Hard lift-off mask for ultimate rejuvenation.
  • Facial Peel * $110
  • For Optimum Results : 3 - 6 Peel Series

    The facial peel brings out the skin’s natural glow while restoring smoothness. The controlled fruit acids of this treatment rejuvenate and moisturize skin, regenerating and renewing your complexion.

    YouthRenew™ Hydra-Glow Peel  Perfect peel for pre-wedding or special events.

    Micro-Retinol® Treatment  Ideal for skin refining and resurfacing of aging skin.

    Lacto-Flora Peel   A perfect treatment to lighten hyperpigmentation and reduce acne blemishes. Ideal for all skin types, including acne and ethnic skin.

  • Lumafirm® Lift & Glow Treatment * $120
  • Seeking a treatment with amazing instant results? Redefining radiance and facial contouring, this exclusively formulated treatment features the latest in freeze dried technology to deliver instant results and cumulative skincare benefits. Ideal for any skin type showing signs of aging, or as the perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best. Proven to perform, this facial renders your skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter, and more youthfully defined appearance.


Add-ons onto any facial.

  • 24K Gold Sheet * $30
  • Slow down collagen depletion, increase the skin’s elasticity, lighten the skin’s complexing, firming and improves blood circulation.
  • Lumafirm Neck treatment * $30
  • A firming and tightening neck treatment that includes exfoliation and hydration, leaving your skin with a lightened and glowing effect.
  • Ampoules * $35
  • Options of: Vitamin C, Soothing, Propolis, Vitaminic, Collagen/Myoxy caviar, Elastin, Anti-aging, DNA, or Purifying serums. Depends on skin type.
  • Radiant Hand Mask * $25
  • A no-rinse soothing mask is applied to the hands or feet for softer, more radiant skin and increased circulation. ($25 for Pair of Hands, $25 for Pair of Feet, $45 for both)
  • NuFACE Microcurrent * $35
  • NuFACE® uses microcurrent technology to send little waves of energy through the skin. Increased collagen and elastin production and energized facial muscles that result in gently lifting, toning, and smoothing skin.

 * Results may vary from person to person based on skin type and other factors.